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Utilization Reviews

Workers’ Compensation law, although it can be straightforward at times, often has hidden intricacies that can trip-up even experienced practitioners.  One such area is the use of “Utilization Reviews,” or “URs.”  Although more common in other jurisdictions, they have seen limited use in Connecticut until recent years, and there are certain aspects of which every… Continue Reading

What We Stand For

“This morning, we received an impactful Christmas Card from a client: “Wishing you, your family, and your law office family a Happy Holiday and New Year. Thank you for caring when no one else did.” It is because of the strength and humility of clients like this that make us truly proud of our profession… Continue Reading


Currently this firm represents 62 survivors of sexual abuse against the Diocese of Norwich located in Norwich, Connecticut. We were the first firm in Connecticut to represent victims of sexual abuse against the Diocese in connection with two serial predators from Australia that the Diocese negligently failed to supervise. We started our investigation in 2013 and brought our… Continue Reading

Pandemic Law

Today is the first day of our Blog. Welcome if you are reading our content. The challenge of the trial lawyer in the pandemic is to stay sharp and passionate. To that end, our firm has been involved in sponsoring academic programs in the last six months on the following subjects: trial advocacy; admissibility of… Continue Reading