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    • “I couldn’t believe the information you pulled from him. Your technique with him was fantastic…”


    • “He is masterful in his court room presentation and presence, and I am without any doubt that my case is in the best hands.”


    • “I am so grateful for your continued efforts on my behalf. I am very fortunate to have been represented by your firm.”



Criminal Defense

The United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Connecticut provide every person suspected of a crime with certain rights designed to curb overzealous pursuit and harassment. The right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, the right to a full and fair trial, among others, must be vigilantly defended in each case to prevent government harassment and overreach. Fazzano & Tomasiewicz, LLC, passionately defends those rights, helping individuals charged with criminal conduct mount a defense to whatever charges they face. Traveling from Bridgeport to Danielson, New Haven to Enfield, the attorneys at Fazzano & Tomasiewicz, LLC, crisscross the state to defend our clients from federal and state criminal charges ranging from reckless driving to murder. We do not let a jury convict our clients based upon suspicion and innuendo. We will use polygraph evidence to convince a prosecutor that there are inherent weaknesses in a case and retain investigators to uncover the facts that support your defense. We are a firm that goes to trial and insists that the state or federal government produce credible evidence.